From Promise to Proof

Our commitment to achieve the best possible results for every dialysis patient has fuelled our passion for haemodiafiltration (HDF). This passion rests on the firm belief that HDF is the best therapy for every patient.

Our conviction in HDF is now widely shared across the scientific community and backed by evidence. In recent years several publications have already confirmed the benefits of HDF.1-7 The Catalonian high-volume HDF study1 provides accumulating evidence for the benefits of this therapy. Convincing scientific evidence for significantly improved patient outcomes combined with the simple and safe use of the 5008 CorDiax are compelling reasons to switch to HighVolumeHDF – now.

That’s why for more than 30 years Fresenius Medical Care has been developing products for Cardioprotective Haemodialysis, leading to the CorDiax product line — which perfectly supports the application of HighVolumeHDF

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A history of commitment to HDF

1983: 2008C

“Conventional HDF with solution bags"

1988: A2008 Online HDF

„Our first system for online preparation of substitution fluid”

1998: 4008H ONLINEplus

„Advanced ONLINEplus technology as optional modul”

2005: 5008 Therapy System

“Online haemodiafiltration as standard treatment mode“

2012: 5008 CorDiax & 5008S CorDiax

“With AutoSub plus HighVolumeHDF becomes as simple and safe as HD”



HDF with its numerous positive effects on dialysis-relatedcardiovascular risk factors is currently acknowledged as the most effectivedialysis treatment modality, combining both – diffusion and convection.


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Therapy advantages

By achieving high substitution volumes, HighVolumeHDF leads to reduced risk of mortality and fewer cardiovascular complications.


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Cost efficiency

The use of advanced therapies such as HighVolumeHDF may result in lower overall treatment costs. The 5008 CorDiax enables HighVolumeHDF in a highly efficient and cost effective way.


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