5008S CorDiax – Opening a world of possibilities

5008S CorDiax enables HighVolumeHDF as a standard in dialysis thanks to AutoSub plus for automatically maximised substitution volumes and the Venous Access Monitor (VAM) for increased probability of early detection of needle dislodgement.

5008 CorDiax – Beyond your expectations

Next to AutoSub plus and VAM the 5008 CorDiax also offers patients with challenging conditions the possibility for a high convective therapy – MIXEDHDF.

  • HighVolumeHDF therapy
  • Easy handling
  • Efficient and sustainable

HighVolumeHDF – The standard in cardioprotective haemodialysis

In order to achieve the full benefits of HDF therapy large convective volumes in post-dilution mode are required. In the past many users were concerned that these high volumes may lead to excessive haemoconcentration and subsequently high transmembrane pressures if the treatment settings are not continuously monitored and adjusted.

AutoSub plus – Automatically maximising substitution volume for HighVolumeHDF

The innovative AutoSub plus system is much more than just another automatic pressure control:

  • Very precise information on the conditions in the dialysers is available - not just across the membrane but also along the blood flow pathway.
  • Several checks per minute enable the continuous optimization of the substitution rates.
  • The system is automatically activated at the start of treatment.

AutoSub plus overcomes all concerns and supports the nephrologist to establishing HighVolumeHDF as standard therapy.

Insight and continuity make the difference

While other systems check and adjust the transmembrane pressure (TMP) in defined time intervals, AutoSub plus measures and evaluates the conditions directly inside the filter several times per minute. The innovative technology behind it is based on a dynamic signal analysis of pressure pulses. As a result, substitution volumes can be maximised individually for every patient without any user interaction. This is what makes our HighVolumeHDF unique.

Safety creates confidence

In particular during HighVolumeHDF where high blood flows are aspired for, monitoring of the venous access is essential as a blood loss would become critical within a very short time. The 5008 CorDiax and 5008S CorDiax offer as standard in all machines a sophisticated safety feature to minimise the risk of external blood loss:

Venous Access Monitoring (VAM) – Optimised monitoring of the venous path

VAM is a unique and intelligent safety feature based on dynamic and highly-sensitive monitoring of venous pressure pulses. By combining arterial and venous pressure signals with an adaptive algorithm, VAM enables dynamic and highly sensitive monitoring of the venous pressure.

In this way, VAM indicates sudden, small drops in venous pressure of approximately 15 mmHg, even when the venous pressure does not exceed the lower alarm limit. If the alarm is set off the blood pump is stopped immediately. This increases the probability of the early detection of venous needle dislodgement.*

VAM makes a permanent contribution to superior patient safety by monitoring the most sensitive point of dialysis – the venous access.

* The user is still responsible for the patient’s safety.

ONLINEplus – Reducing workload, increasing usage

Historically, the required amounts of substitution fluid had to be provided in infusion bags. This added to the workload of the nursing staff and deterred dialysis-centres from using HDF. In order to give more patients access to the benefits of HDF, we have developed a dialysis system, which prepares the substitution fluid directly at the bedside – The ONLINEplus system. Based on the highly reliable two stage filtration process ONLINEplus facilitates the online production of sterile and nonpyrogenic substitution fluid very cost-efficiently. Online haemodiafiltration was born.

AutoSub plus – Automatically maximizing substitution volume for HighVolumeHDF

With the new AutoSub plus function of the 5008 CorDiax and the 5008S CorDiax, HighVolumeHDF becomes as simple and safe as HD without any need for user interaction. Once HDF is prescribed by the nephrologist the nurse does not even have to push a button.

Blood lines

Our innovative blood lines are developed based on the idea that HighVolumeHDF shall be as easy and safe to handle as HD. With a standard setup of a 5008 CorDiax or 5008S CorDiax you can already perform HighVolumeHDF.

It is not only the advanced treatment options that make the 5008S CorDiax unique, but also its eco-friendliness: with the 5008S CorDiax, Fresenius Medical Care supports the sensible and sustainable use of resources by saving dialysate, water and energy. This in turn leads to significant cost savings.

  • ONLINEplus technology for production of sterile, endotoxin-free and  bicarbonate-buffered electrolyte solutions*
    • Extensive amounts of substitution fluid for HDF available
    • No more need for ready-made rinse solutions: priming, reinfusion and bolus with ONLINE fluid in all treatment modes (also in HD)**
  • AutoFlow automatically adjusts the dialysate flow rate to the effective blood flow rate during treatment
    • Substantial saving of water, waste water, concentrates and energy, leading to significant cost reductions
    • Automatic selection of AutoFlow factor based on treatment mode, always accomplishing an optimal ratio between economic considerations and treatment quality
  • EcoFlow for minimised dialysate and energy consumption during preparation and after reinfusion while avoiding bacterial growth

* in accordance with ISO 23500:2011 and ISO 11663:2009
** safety advice: It is recommended that you stock sodium chloride in case it might be required

MIXED HDF – HDF without exceptions

Although most patients will reach sufficient substitution volumes with AutoSub plus, there might be patients with unfavourable conditions unable to reach sufficiently high convective volumes. For these patients we have intensified our research and developed the MIXED HDF option for the 5008 CorDiax.

MIXED HDF – High convective transport under unfavourable patient conditions.

The 5008 CorDiax is the only dialysis machine enabling the simultaneous delivery of post- and predilution volumes – the so called MIXED HDF.

With its two substitution pumps, the convective transport can be increased by adding a pre-dilution share to avoid the risk of haemoconcentration or to compensate for low blood flows.