FX CorDiax haemodiafilter– Dialysers made for HighVolumeHDF

HighVolumeHDF therapy requires specially designed filters. Stepping up to this challenge, we developed the FX CorDiax haemodiafilter for HighVolumeHDF with the most efficient removal of middle molecules while minimising albumin loss.

Increased fibre lumen for better flow conditions

The fibre lumen of 210 μm of FX CorDiax haemodiafilters optimises blood flow conditions within the dialyser for maximal HighVolumeHDF performance.

Optimised fibre design for better removal of uraemic toxins

The Helixone®plus membrane of FX CorDiax haemodiafilters was engineered to achieve the best possible convective filtration of larger uraemic toxins while minimising the loss of vital albumin. The result is a haemodiafilter with optimised selective permeability for middle molecules such as ß2-microglobulin and myoglobin.