Intelligent water quality management for HighVolumeHDF

The quality and the purity of the dialysis fluid in line with international standards1 are core prerequisites for a safe implementation of all modern renal replacement therapies.

Thanks to the clever combination of the Online Purification Cascade and the ONLINEplus system, Fresenius Medical Care offers an easy and reliable water quality management as part of a complete therapeutic system for HighVolumeHDF.

  • Technically advanced
  • Affordable and sustainable

1 ISO 23500-5

Tailor-made water preparation

The Online Purification Cascade (OPC) constitutes the first step in a reliable and effective multi-stage process to realise individual water technology Solutions for dialysis treatment.

The OPC product line offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services addressing the specific requirements of all relevant standards with regard to functionality, and technical safety.

  • Water pre-treatment system
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Concentrate supply
  • Media supply

Sterile and non-pyrogenic substitution fluid

HighVolumeHDF aims to achieve a maximum convective volume. This requires large quantities of subsitution fluid.

The sophisticated ONLINEplus technology of 5008 CorDiax allows for the production of an unlimited amount of sterile and non-pyrogenic substitution fluid. This is achieved by online filtration of readyprepared dialysis fluid across the endotoxin retaining DIASAFE®plus filters.

While other filtration processes require three filtration steps, Fresenius Medical Care has developed an advanced approach based on a double-stage filtration system. The ONLINEplus system has proven its superior efficiency, practicability and safety in innumerable routine treatments. It provides reliable quality and safety by preventing residual endotoxins and microorganisms from entering the substitution fluid and thus fulfills the required international standards.1,2

1 ISO 23500-5
2 ISO 23500-5