Cardioprotective Haemodialysis

Challenging cardiovascular diseases

Despite tremendous improvements in the quality and efficacy of haemodialysis (HD) therapy in recent years, cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains the leading cause of death for patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Almost one in two patients with ESRD still dies as the results of CVD; a markedly higher mortality rate than in the general population.1

Fresenius Medical Care continues to contribute towards improving the prognosis of ESRD patients. We make every effort to slow down progression of atherosclerosis and protect cardiac function by providing therapies aimed at reducing the complications of CVD.

Integrated cardioprotection

Cardioprotection in haemodialysis is a core principle behind Fresenius Medical Care as we work and learn to solve the issues of modern dialysis. All that we do reflects our focus on minimising cardiovascular risk and extending patient lives.

 1 De Jager D. et al., JAMA (2009); 302(16); 1782-1789.


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Comprehensive services, right from the start

Fresenius Medical Care’s dialysis services are tailored to enable you to offer the best possible therapies for your patients. This may be through planning and maintaining the dialysis infrastructure, through our ongoing training and education programmes for clinical and technical staff or through round-the-clock Technical Service, not to mention Water Quality Service, so crucial for safe dialysis. With our Medical Information Services, we work to keep you abreast of the stream of new information in nephrology and dialysis care.

We are there for you all the way.

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  • Medical Information Services

 Over 30 years experience in dialysis at your service.

A strong team for haemodialysis

As the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of dialysis products, with over 30 years of experience in achieving the highest possible quality, we understand the importance of perfect integration.

Fresenius Medical Care provides a complete, integrated and flexible range of haemodialysis products. Designed to complement one another, to simplify and optimise therapies in haemodialysis.

CorDiax Product line:

  • 5008 CorDiax and 5008S CorDiax
  • FX CorDiax haemodiafilters
  • BCM-Body Composition Monitor 

Classix Product line:

  • 4008S classix
  • FX classix dialysers

Therapy Data Management System (TDMS)

Online Purification Cascade® (OPC)

State-of-the-art technologies enable advanced cardioprotective therapies.

Optimising therapies for improved outcomes

Achieving optimal patient outcomes means addressing the most important cardio-relevant dialysis risk factors.Use of advanced therapies such as High-Flux dialysis or HighVolumeHDF, taken together with Fluid Management, improves outcomes, leading to:

  • Reduced mortality risk
  • Fewer cardiovascular complications
  • Optimised use of resources

Fresenius Medical Care’s products and services combine and complement each other to enable superior cardioprotective therapies.

Achieving better outcomes with cardioprotective therapies

Creating new definitions of performance

As a developer and manufacturer of dialysis solutions as well as a dialysis care-provider, Fresenius Medical Care is committed to offer only the best products to permit advanced cardioprotective therapies.

  • High-Flux dialysis, enhanced removal of middle molecules
  • HighVolumeHDF, achieving high substitution volumes for maximising clinical performance
  • Advanced Fluid Management for optimising the patient’s hydration status

Cardioprotective therapies designed by the world market leader in haemodialysis.